Grogan’s castle


In the late 19 th century (1898-1900), the young Englishman, Ewart Scott Grogan, at age 24, decided to cross the entire African continent on foot to prove his love for Gertrude Edith Watt. His two and a half year journey took him from Cape Town to Cairo.

This perilous journey was intended to prove his worth to Gertrude’s reluctant aristocratic stepfather in order to win her hand in marriage and prove he was not a gold digger. During this trek he encountered wild animals, cannibal tribes and unknown tropical fevers which he documented in his book “From Cape to Cairo, the first traverse of Africa from south to north.”

Grogan’s journey was a true success and he married Gertrude in October 1900 and moved with her to Kenya in 1904.

Grogan’s castle


In 1930, Col. Grogan built a unique building on top of a conical hill originally intended as an agriculture college to be the spearhead of an immense agricultural area, for which he set up futuristic irrigation systems. However, the British Empire did not support his cause so Grogan went ahead by his own means and moved into the building. This is why everyone referred to the building as “Grogan’s Castle”.

The name “Grogan’s Castle” remains to this very day. In fact, one of the suites in the castle still has Grogan’s original and preserved bed. Many other features and original furnishings still remain on display within the castle.



Alexander Thomas Criticos

(1987 – 2019)

Hard work, love and respect for Grogan’s Castle contributed to its “rebirth”. Many people, over many years, helped realize a dream.

One very special person, who contributed greatly over the years, was the late Alexander Thomas Criticos.

Unfortunately, he was unable to see Grogan’s Castle reach its glory during the final renovation.

His energy, thoughtfulness, charisma and all his contributions will never be forgotten.

We wish to acknowledge, Alex, and how much he meant to everyone and for all the good that he did during his lifetime.

Never to be forgotten.



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